Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Learning All About Fossils! - Notebooking 2nd Grade Science

This week Big Brother is loving learning all about fossils in science!

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I have posted before about how we are notebooking our way through all kinds of interesting topics this year for his 2nd grade science. Rather than just following a dry textbook and doing boring Q&A, we are finding excellent, engaging resources; looking for hands-on learning opportunities; and documenting what he discovers in his science notebook!

Some of the best resources we have used this year in science have come from the Answers in Genesis Bookstore

In our fossil study this week, we are loving the two books pictured above! They are both written by Gary and Mary Parker. On the left the green book is The Fossil Book from the Wonders of Creation Series, and it is available in [the Answers in Genesis Bookstore] for $15.99. If you have an older student who really wants to "dig deeper" into studying this book, there is a companion study guide workbook also available in the Answers in Genesis bookstore for $3.99. The book on the right is a fun one called Dry Bones and Other Fossils also available from the Answers in Genesis Bookstore for $13.99.

Big Brother has learned how fossils are formed,what different kinds of fossils there are, and where they can be found. The books above have some awesome pictures and information, and Big Brother is excitedly planning to go fossil hunting (as soon as we have some warmer weather around here!).

In the meantime, here is a fun, simple project we did while learning about a kind of fossil known as an impression(Once again, out comes the trusty Play-Doh!)

1.) Choose any color lump of Play-Doh.

2.) Find a flower or leaf. Remember, fossils come from things that were once alive. This includes plants!

3.) Press the flower or leaf carefully into the Play-Doh.

4.) You now have an impression in the shape of your flower or leaf!

5.) Allow the Play-Doh to dry, and you have made your very own "fossil!"

Big Brother was intreaged to learn that fossilized ocean animals have been found here in land-locked Kentucky! And these ocean fossils can also be found on the tops of the tallest mountains in the world! When I asked him how this might be possible, knowing what he had learned about how fossils are formed, his big blue eyes just lit up and he said, "Noah's Flood!! The Bible is TRUE!!" :)

I absolutely LOVE how these resources from Answers in Genesis not only teach fascinating science, but they actually use science to point to the Savior! We've learned that the fossil record is a reminder of God's judgement of sin during Noah's flood. But we know how God provided Noah with an ark, and for us He has provided salvation as well through His Son, Jesus Christ!

I will leave you now with a fun song about the fossil record! The song is Billions of Dead Things by Buddy Davis.

What are some of your favorite resources for studying science? What has been your child's favorite science topic to explore this year? Post a comment below and tell me about it!!!

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