Monday, January 19, 2015

Big Brother's Favorites #1: Farm Mystery Series!

From time to time, I will be sharing some of Big Brother's favorites with you (and perhaps some of Little Brother's favorites, too!).

Today I want to share one of his favorite series of books with you: The Farm Mystery series by Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Castleberry.

This series of mysteries is suitable for the whole family!

In this series, the Nelsons are a Christian homeschooling family living on a farm in rural Tennessee. The older boys, Jason & Andy, operate "The Great Detective Agency" from their office located underneath the stairs. The mysteries they solve are sometimes small, but always interesting and exciting!

You will find no questionable material in these books. There are no murders, ghosts, monsters, or other scary elements that might keep young ones awake at night. The children are respectful of their parents, and many good Biblical principles are woven into the stories. Homeschooling is portrayed positively and as a normal way of life.

The characters collect clues and solve their cases through research. We have learned about everything from bees to firefighting to the Underground Railroad while solving mysteries along with Jason & Andy! These books are great for peaking a child's interest in different educational topics, and could easily be used as a springboard for unit study topics.

Big Brother's absolute FAVORITE time of the homeschool day is our afternoon storytime, and the Farm Mystery Series is by far his favorite for this year!! We will be enjoying these books over and over as Little Brother gets older I'm sure.

Click the titles below to get your own Farm Mystery Series books very inexpensively from Amazon:

Footprints in the Barn

The Mysterious Message

Midnight Sky

Who, Me?

Weighty Matters

Where There's Smoke...

The History Mystery

Lights Out!


The Case of the Missing Man

Has your family read any books from the Farm Mystery Series? Which was your favorite?

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  1. Thanks for sharing, it sounds like a series my children would enjoy.


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