Thursday, January 29, 2015

Big Brother's Favorites #2 - Concord Cunningham Scripture Sleuth Books

Here is another of Big Brother's favorite series of books!

Concord Cunningham: Scripture Sleuth books by Mat Halverson

Big Brother loves a good mystery, and these books are great for our read-aloud time.

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If you are familiar with the Encyclopedia Brown series, you could think of Concord (or "the Concordance") as Encyclopedia's Christian counterpart.

Concord lives in the Northwest in the fictional town of Pine Tops. His dad is a newspaper reporter, and Concord often goes along when his dad is reporting on a story. He never goes anywhere without his Bible which he always uses to help solve mysteries!

Each chapter of each book is a separate mystery. You read the story to find out the facts of the case, and then Concord gives a clue from Scripture to help you figure out the solution. All the solutions are given separately in the back of the book to encourage you to first look up the Scripture and try to solve the case on your own.

These stories are wholesome and not scary at all. Some of the cases involve criminal activity such as theft, but the "bad guy" is always caught and brought to justice through Concord's expert Scripture sleuthing!

These stories are great for helping a child learn to use a Bible concordance. Looking up the Scriptures and thinking about the clues are great ways to build logic and reasoning skills.

Big Brother really has fun trying to solve the cases using Concord's Scripture clues before we read the solutions!

These would be perfect for an older child to read on his or her own, or they can be enjoyed by the whole family as read-alouds as well!

Get your copies of all 5 Concord Cunningham books through the links below, then grab your Bible and start solving mysteries with the Scripture Sleuth!! :)

Concord Cunningham: Scripture Sleuth Book 1

Concord Cunningham Returns: The Scripture Sleuth 2

Concord Cunningham On the Case: The Scripture Sleuth 3

Concord Cunningham Coast to Coast: The Scripture Sleuth 4

Concord Cunningham Pursues the Clues: The Scripture Sleuth 5

Share some of your family's favorite read alouds below!!

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