Tuesday, February 3, 2015

You Might Be a Homeschooler If...

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We've all heard these jokes! :) You can find them all over the internet.

As a 2nd generation homeschool mom with quite a few years of homeschooling under my belt, I think I can give a pretty good view of what it looks like. :)

So I wanted to do my own version of a "You Might Be a Homeschooler If..." list. I came up with some of these, my parents and brother came up with some, and some I have heard here and there over the years. I realize some of these may not apply to all homeschoolers, but they are still fun!

You Might Be a Homeschooler If...

1.) You love snow days because you can get more schoolwork done!

2.) You know what HSLDA is, and you have them on speed dial!

3.) You feel like you know the characters from Adventures in Odyssey personally!

4.) You name your dog "Whitaker," but most folks just call him "Whit!"

5.) Giving a book report involves costumes and a full-scale dramatic production!

6.) You graduate from high school before getting your driver's license!

7.) You can read and write cursive!

8.) You see your principal and your teacher kiss each other daily!

9.) You walk side-by-side with your friends instead of in single file lines!

10.) You have never had to worry about bullying!

11.) You have had the same teacher from preschool through 12th grade!

12.) You have ever had to explain to someone why you don't know what grade you are in!

13.) Not only are the 10 Commandments posted on your classroom wall, but you are required to memorize them!

14.) You have no idea how to open those little paper milk cartons!

15.) Your family vacations are extended field trips!

16.) Your family plans vacations in September when all the fun places are less crowded!

17.) Your mother can justify talking to herself by saying she's having a parent-teacher conference!

18.) You actually prefer the book to the movie version!

19.) You are on a first name basis with the staff at your local public library!

20.) You actually have something to talk about when an adult asks you what you've been learning in school!

21.) You can read fluently from the KJV Bible before you can tie your shoes!

22.) Your legislators know you by name because you and your family call, write, and visit them so often!

23.) You get P.E. credit for riding your bike, playing baseball in the backyard, or going to the park with your friends!

24.) You are sick and tired of people worrying about whether you will be "socialized!"

25.) You can recite Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty, or give me death" speech word perfect, but you have no idea about the current #1 pop song!

25.) You have been to the Creation Museum at least 5 times!

26.) Your teacher reads the Bible and prays with you every morning before school!

27.) You have never been late for school!

28.) You do not have to ask for a hall pass in order to go to the bathroom!

29.) You have never lost your lunch money!

30.) You have never had to ride to school in a vehicle that did not have seat belts!

31.) Changing a lightbulb in your house results in a unit study on Thomas Edison!

32.) You get Home Ec credit for doing dishes, helping with laundry, cooking supper, and watching your younger siblings!

33.) You get to enjoy your birthday and Christmas gifts during school time!

34.) You have tons of favorite games and none of them require electricity!

35.) You have at least 2 ongoing science experiments in your bedroom at any given time!

36.) You have ever done a math lesson while helping to change a diaper!

37.) You have ever had school in your car or van!

38.) You can correctly pronounce names like "Mephibosheth" and "Zerubabel!"

39.) You know what really happened to the dinosaurs!

40.) You get to have fun in the evening instead of doing homework!

41.) Trips to the grocery store, post office, bank, or dentist are considered field trips!

42.) You know the song parodies, but not the songs themselves!

43.) Your mother's wardrobe consists mostly of denim jumpers!

44.) You have worn your pajamas to school and it was not a bad dream!

45.) You consider having to do textbook work after lunch to be cruel and unusual punishment!

46.) The two big highlights of your day are when the mail runs and when your dad gets home from work!

47.) Your birthday is an official school holiday!

48.) You judge distances of car trips by how many Adventures in Odyssey episodes you can listen to on the way!

49.) You have at least one full bookshelf in every room of your house, and there are still books stacked all over the place!

50.) You spend hours before Christmas and birthdays circling items in your CBD and Rainbow Resource catalogs!

51.) You can't stand when people use double negatives!

52.) You know the difference between there, their, and they're!

53.) Getting sick involves doing schoolwork in the doctor's office waiting room!

54.) Your favorite movies are documentaries!

55.) Your little brother broadcasts a Christian radio station heard around the block from his bedroom!

56.) Your family declares the day next year's textbooks arrive in the mail to be a day of celebration!

57.) Your BFFs wear dentures!

58.) Your mother nearly has a stroke everytime someone asks you where you go to school and you politely reply, "We don't go to school!"

58.) Other children are jealous of you because you actually get to spend time with your parents!

59.) You have ever spent recess roller skating in your kitchen!

60.) Your mom knows how to incorporate the use of LEGOs into every school subject!

61.) You have ever felt sorry for the kids on the school bus when it goes by in the afternoon 3 hours after you have finished all your schoolwork for the day!

62.) Your parents ground you by taking away your ABeka history book and Adventures in Odyssey CDs!

63.) Your 10 year old brother has ever made a shot for shot remake of "The Sound of Music" entirely on a cell phone with a cast of stuffed animals and sock monkeys!

64.) You have ever asked your mom what something was, and she had you write a research paper on it!

65.) You spend Halloween handing out tracts to trick-or-treaters!

66.) Your first Social Studies teacher was named Mister Rogers!

67.) You know the zip codes for Colorado Springs, Colorado and Vancouver, B.C.!

68.) While you do not get snow days, the snowman you built did count as an art project!

69.) You have ever asked your mom, "Can this count as school?"

70.) Your favorite super hero is Larry Boy!

71.) Your younger siblings received extra credit for accompanying you on your senior trip!

72.) You have ever done 2 days worth of school in 1 so your family could leave early for vacation!

73.) You have an opinion on whether mastery or spiral based instruction is the best math teaching method!

74.) You received Social Studies credit for your first date...provided you wrote a report on it afterwards!

75.) It was a BIG deal when your parents pulled the T.V. out of the closet so you could all watch the Presidential election results together!

Do some of these apply to your family? How would you complete the sentence, "You might be a homeschooler if..."? Tell me in the comments section!!!

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  1. You covered them all! Love this list! (From a homeschool mom of 16 years). I found you at the House to House linky.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!!! Glad you enjoyed the post! :)

  2. This was really funny! I have 9 years of homeschooling under my belt. I just sent my oldest to 9th grade. She is so far ahead on "soft skills" which her high school tries to teach and emphasize. Like you know, the ability to converse with an adult, meet their eyes, shake their hand. HA! Socialization can jump in the pond!

    1. Homeschoolers are much better "socialized." I have seen it time after time! They don't see adults as their enemies like so many ps children I see. Thanks for commenting!!

  3. Haha! Can this counts as school...heard it too many times :D

    1. Lol I have heard it and said it! What's awesome is many times, it actually can count at least as something! ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. How about when your husband text to say he is on his way home from work and you have to send the text back: be warned a pig heart is being dissected on the front porch! LOL yeah that was me this week!

    1. LOL! Love it! My brother and I dissected our pig on the kitchen table haha! Thanks for the comment! :)

  5. I love this!!! So funny... and a lot of them apply..... I have homeschooled 6 kids and 3 of those have now graduated. :)

    You may be a homeschooler if you don't get sick days... you just do school on the sofa and watch educational videos. :)
    You may be a homeschooler if shop classes include putting hardwood floors in the house...or building a deck, shed or other property upgrades.
    You may be a homeschooler if you draw blueprint plans for school that show what you could do with the attic.
    You may be a homeschooler if you actually LIKE talking to the people in your school. :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post! Love the ones you added! Thanks for commenting!

  6. I can relate to some of these sceneros. This is a funny post. Thanks for linking up with TGI Saturdays. You might be a homeschooler if your mom blogs your art or science projects. You might be a homeschooler if you watch the Magic school bus for family movie night. Blessings to you.

    1. Thanks for hosting the linkup and for commenting! Those are good ones lol! :)


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