Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What's in the Workbox?

I thought today I would give all of you a sneak peek at what is in Big Brother's Workboxes for today. Want to know more about how we use Workboxes? Check out this post!

Workbox #1 - Bible

We are reading Adventures in Odyssey's 90 Devotions for Kids. He has a daily Bible verse which I have him either write, trace, or color in his notebook.

Workbox #2 - Spelling

He has 1 page to do in his Rod & Staff Spelling workbook today. I will also be giving him an oral quiz in preparation for tomorrow's test. (Bragging Moment: Big Brother has had all 100% for Spelling so far this year!) ;)

*Workbox #3 - Phonics

Next he has his flashcards and phonics reading book. We use an old version of Hooked on Phonics I found cheap at Goodwill!! We started this set last year, and he should finish it up this year.

Workbox #4 - Reading

Here is his current reading book from Rod & Staff. He reads one lesson each day and then narrates back to me in sort of a Charlotte Mason style. He also has a bag of cards he is using to help him with memorizing Psalm 23 as that is his Scripture Memory assignment for this Reading Unit.

Workbox 5 - English

Today he only has his English Test Booklet in this box since he has a test to take today. (He actually thinks English tests are great fun!) :)

Workbox #6 - Geography

Today he has a U.S. Puzzle to put together! He is learning all about the 50 states right now!

Workbox #7 - Math

The workbox has his daily calendar booklet and his current workbook. We also get together for "Class Time" to do work on the dry erase board, drill facts, play some games, and do more hands-on math activities.

Workbox 8 - Science

This week we are learning all about motion. We will be conducting a fun experiment using the toy cars, timer, and tape measure! :)

Workbox #9 - Story Time

These are books we are currently taking turns reading aloud!

Workbox #10 - History**

Big Brother's favorite subject! We are reading about (our cousin) Henry Clay! Check out this post for a fun freebie!

After his workboxes are done he will practice piano, and then he is free until supper!

I hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse into our day!

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