Wednesday, February 25, 2015

As Unto the Lord: The Crafting of the Ark & the Tabernacle

This week I am finishing up the book of Exodus in my Good Morning Girls Bible Study. I never knew there was so much to be learned from this book! Taking the time to really read the Scriptures, make observations and personal applications, and pray for wisdom and guidance has been so amazing! Even the past couple weeks as we have been reading about seemingly mundane things like all the measurements and building details of things like the Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle, I have been blessed.

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It was very interesting to me to read that God sent His Spirit to help guide and inspire the craftsmen who would have the task of building His dwellingplace. These men were named Bezaleel and Aholiab. They were not priests or great Spiritual leaders. They were just skilled workman who loved God and did their work "as unto the Lord."

No doubt these two men had spent years learning and perfecting their crafts. They had designed and crafted many ordinary things as part of their jobs. Possibly they had worked making finery for Pharaoh in Egypt. They had proven themselves to be Godly, wise, skillful, and diligent. They got the job done right without cutting corners. They were good at what they did. God was pleased with what He saw in these men.

Now God had called them out by name as the ones He had chosen for what would be their magnum opus, or "great work" - the project that they would be remembered by forever.

Exodus 36-40 is full of meticulous details. There were all the different types of materials used. All the measurements are precise. As I read about these men and the hard work and diligence they put into this task, I was inspired.

Just because someone may not be a preacher, Sunday school teacher, song leader, or otherwise in some prominent place of Spiritual leadership does not mean that person is not useful to God!

Each of us has something we do. I am a mommy, homeschool teacher, wife, homemaker, and blogger. I have always had a knack for writing and a special gift and love for teaching. God has given me the skills I need to do what I do. In return, if I use these skills for Him, He will bless the outcome.

Some people are carpenters, doctors, nurses, secretaries, waitresses, plumbers, police officers, firemen, computer programmers, farmers, factory workers, or part of some other profession. God needs them just as much as He needs preachers and Sunday School teachers!! He needs them to be faithful and diligent in their day to day work. He receives glory from the lives and the work of Christians who live out their faith even in the mundane.

Bezaleel and Aholiab had pleased God by being careful and skillful in their professions. We too can please God and bring glory to Him when we follow this command from Colossians 3:23, And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily as to the Lord, and not unto men.

How are you serving God with your day to day life? Are you careful to do your even the most mundane tasks in a way that would honor Him? What special skills or talents has God blessed you with? Develop them and use them to His glory!!

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