Monday, February 16, 2015

Learning About Cousin Henry + Printable!

Right now Big Brother is enjoying reading biographies for our history studies. He finished his 2nd grade ABeka history before Christmas break, and now we are choosing interesting people to read and write about.

My mother was recently studying our family tree and discovered that we are distantly related to many famous historical figures! Big Brother has found this facinating! One of these distant cousins of ours happens to be The Great Compromiser himself, Kentucky's own Henry Clay!

When we visited our KY State Capitol building, he saw the statue of Henry Clay in the rotunda and was eager to learn more about him...especially with him being our kin and all! :)

So we are currently reading through the book Henry Clay: Young Kentucky Orator which is part of the Childhood of Famous Americans series. We are both learning more about this great man!! I would love to get to visit his estate called Ashland in Lexington, KY perhaps this spring or summer!

As he reads about different people this year, I am having Big Brother write me up a few sentences about the person. I created a simple notebooking page for him to write about Henry Clay, and I am offering it now for you to download. :)

Click here to purchase your printable Henry Clay notebooking page! (This is a pdf file.)

I am working on lots more downloads and printables to offer here for you.

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