Thursday, February 5, 2015

Oceans of Learning! - Notebooking 2nd Grade Science

This week Big Brother has been diving into learning all about the ocean!

Pictured are just a few of the books we've enjoyed reading this week! Most of these came from the library, but The Ocean Book by Frank Sherwin (part of the Wonders of Creation series) is ours. You can get The Ocean Book and many other awesome Creation-based science materials from the Answers in Genesis Bookstore!

We have been so fascinated learning about the astounding variety of species of plants and animals God designed to live in the oceans...and man has still not discovered them all!!

This week's study has sparked Big Brother's interest in whales! He found the toy humpback whale pictured above in his room and brought it out to show me during science class this week. :) He was excited to learn that the ugly bumps on its body are actually smaller animals called barnacles that attach themselves to the whale!

He has become so fascinated with whales in fact that we are planning to start this Whale Lapbook from Homeschool Share for science next week!

Of course we live in Kentucky, so we don't have an ocean really close by that we can go visit, but Big Brother does have his very own "Ocean Zoo" in his bedroom filled with real, live Sea Monkeys!

These things are so much fun to watch and super easy to care for, too!! They come in kits that include eggs and food. You can find all different kinds of Sea Monkey kits here!

We are having so much fun learning about God's creation this year!

What are your children studying in science right now? Comment below!!

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  1. Sea Monkeys! Wow - I missed that one. Looks like fun.


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