Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Learning With LEGO! - History & Geography

Starting next week, I will be teaching a Learning with LEGO class at our local homeschool co-op! Big Brother is a big LEGO-lover, so we are both very excited.

We have discovered lots of neat ways to use LEGO in our homeschool to make learning more fun and engaging.

At the beginning of this school year, we did a week-long unit study and lapbook all about LEGO that I found here. (There is even a Jr. Version for preschoolers!!) We had a blast and learned so much that week!

During that study, we learned that LEGO were invented by a carpenter in Denmark named Ole Kirk Christiansen.

So we took some time to find Denmark on our globe and on our world map. Big Brother colored in the country of Denmark on a blank map for his lapbook.

Then we looked up the flag of Denmark. Using his red and white LEGO bricks, Big Brother created the flag of Denmark that is pictured above!

You could do this with any state or country you may be studying in history or geography.

You can also have your child fill in a blank map or flag of a particular state or country with LEGO bricks to make a LEGO map or flag!

If you have a large map, you could call out the name of a state or country and have your child place a LEGO on it.

Studying states (or countries) and capitols? Make a game of it with LEGO bricks! With a dry erase marker, write each state (or country) on a LEGO brick. Then write the capitols each on their own LEGO bricks as well. Then have your child match them up!

Another great idea is to have your child use LEGO bricks to build something related to what they are studying in history. Big Brother has built the Alamo several times and reenacted the battle there pretending his mini-figs were Davy Crockett or Jim Bowie! Other times he has built his own Titanic or Mayflower. He enjoys acting out these stories through play with his LEGO toys. For an older child, you might extend this into a writing activity.

With a little creativity and a lot of imagination you can make otherwise boring information (names, dates, places, maps, etc.) come to life with LEGO!

I look forward to sharing more LEGO Learning fun!!!

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  1. I think this a very interesting teaching technique. My son loves Legos. I think he might like this teaching style very much. Thank you for sharing at TGI Saturdays.

  2. Oh yes! When I was homeschooling, Lego was used all the time! The boys would make the flags of different countries from Lego, attempt to make structures like the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, make building like viking longhouses, volcanoes, all sorts of things. Pretty much any lesson, I would find them in their free time trying to recreate it in Lego.


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