Friday, March 6, 2015

Our Homeschool Week in Review 3-2-15 to 3-6-15

This has been a busy week in our homeschool! We took our early Spring Break last week and rearranged our livingroom to make a nicer homeschool area! We are enjoying it! I now have a desk/office area and Big Brother has one too. Little Brother also has more room and freedom to explore.

We started our Spring co-op classes this week. Big Brother especially enjoyed the LEGO class I am teaching! The other classes are Handbell Choir and Recorder Band. This is his first time learning recorder, so he has been practicing quite a bit this week. His band is working on "America the Beautiful" to be played at our End of Year Program. So far he has the first line down...with only a few squeaks here and there!

In Bible this week his verse has been Psalm 119:89 "Forever O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven." He's learning all about the Bible this week. He is also continuing to learn Psalm 23. He can quote it now with just a couple prompts!

This week's spelling words all began with either "w" or "wh". He has done well remembering the difference.

He REALLY got into his Reading assignments this week from his Rod & Staff reader! He has been reading all about David, and he was so exciting to read about when David killed Goliath! It is his favorite Bible story.

In English he has been reading and writing paragraphs and determining the subject. Love our Rod & Staff English!

I have really tried to keep our math class time fun this week. We have used LEGO bricks to find all the different ways to make the number 15. He has also enjoyed doing what he calls "fact puzzles" where I write numbers, +, -, and = on blocks in dry erase markers and he has to make correct facts with them! Today he begins learning his 2x multiplication facts! He will be writing the facts and playing a game I made with popcicle sticks in a jar to review them.

We had fun learning about solids, liquids, and gases this week in science. I have already posted pictures of our little ice-water-steam experiment.

In Geography we have covered New Mexico, New York, and North Carolina this week.

He is finishing his report on Henry Clay today. Check my Printables page to download the sheet we are using!

In piano he is now practiciing the hymn "Faith of our Fathers."

We are spending most of our afternoons with me reading to him. This is his favirite time of the whole day! We began Little Pilgrim's Progress this week. (I will be reviewing it soon.) He had already listened to the classic original Pilgrim's Progress on CD, and he has a cartoon movie version on DVD so he already knows the story very well, but he is begging to hear "Just one more chapter!" everyday!!

In other news, we had another snow storm in KY this week. I am putting in my order for SPRING folks! Big Brother has not been able to go horse riding because of the cold and bad weather in over a month, and he misses that so much!

Next week we have a fun field trip planned! I will be telling about that next week!

Little Brother has been getting more and more adventurous. At 10 months old now he is a champion speed-crawler and cruiser! I expect him to take off running just any day now! Nothing is safe from his curious little chubby hands, so life is never dull here!! :)

I hope you have enjoyed this quick glimpse into our week!

What has life been like in your neck of the woods this week? Any special plans for next?

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