Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fun Ideas for Learning the 50 States!

Big Brother is enjoying learning all about the 50 states this year! Here are some fun ideas for learning about the 50 states:

1.) The Fifty States That Rhyme song - This song is a fun way to learn the names of all the states in alphabetical order to the familiar tune of "Turkey in the Straw!" We sing this everyday to start off Geography time in our homeschool, and it is a great way to review the states we have covered so far. We are studying the states in ABC order. Some people I know teach them in more of a geographical order or in the order they were admitted to the Union. This is totally up to you. But the song is fun no matter what order you are teaching! Beware: This song will become permanently stuck in your (and your children's) brain(s)!

2.) Puzzles - We have several good U.S. map puzzles that Big Brother enjoys putting together over and over. This is a great way to learn where all the states are located and discuss direction words like North, South, East, and West.

3.) U.S. Map on the Wall - We have a small U.S. map hanging on the wall for quick, easy reference anytime throughout the day. Anytime we get mail from, read about, or hear about a different state, Big Brother likes to go to the map and find it. Just having it there on the wall all the time makes learning about the states more natural. We also use the map to review during Geography time each day.

4.) U.S. Flash Cards - The set we use has the all kinds of information about each state. Big Brother is learning to recognize the states by shape, location, and by their flags. I also drill him on their capitals and important facts. Numerous games could also be played with a good set of state flashcards.

5.) Blank U.S. Map - On a blank map, have your child color or label your state, states they have visited, states where family membera live, and/or states they are studying about. I will often pull out a blank map and just quiz Big Brother orally on the names and lovations of states we have learned so far.

6.) Create a States Notebook - We may do this another year . My brother made one when he was younger and learned alot. My mom requested travel brochures from every state for him to cut out pictures from to glue into his notebook. It turned out really nice!
I have a friend who is currently having the children at her house create a states notebook using resources from Enchanted Learning. Their notebooks look really neat! They are coloring states, putting star stickers on the capitals, and filling in fun facts about each state.

7.) Play the License Plate Game - We have always done this on trips! Bring a list of the 50 states and/or blank U.S. map with you. When you spot a license plate from a state, mark it down! You could do it together as a family to see how many states you can mark off during the trip, make it a competition, or turn it into a Bingo type of game! Then of course when you get home or using a travel atlas in the car, look up each state and learn more about each one!

8.) Follow my Geography board on Pinterest! - I am constantly on the lookout for new and fun ways to teach Geography, so follow me on Pinterest for more great ideas!!

Do you have a great idea, activity, or resource you love for learning about the 50 states? I would LOVE to hear about them!! Leave a comment below!!!

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  1. We are using Postcrossing.com to help us learn about geography. When we send a postcard we look at our map to find out where it is. When we receive a postcard we look at the map but we also try to find other information - culture, type of land, people, food, etc. We just started this so we don't have a notebook to record our findings for it yet but that's the plan.

    1. That sounds really neat! Thanks so much for sharing! :)


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