Friday, March 11, 2016

What's Up in Our Homeschool This Week?

Today is Friday, and school is officially out for the week! We have had a pretty layed back week in our homeschool.

The weather has been so nice, and we have enjoyed some fun times at the local park.

Being able to get outside (without freezing!) and getting more active movement in our days really helps all of our moods a lot. Days seem to go so much smoother that way!

Big Brother and I finished studying the book of Job together, and now we are reading through the Gospel of Luke each day. We are enjoying just going through a chapter aloud together day and discussing what we are reading.

Our homeschool co-op is learning Ephesians 6:10-18, the Armor of God verses, together right now. This will be our last Scripture memory passage for this school year. I have been so pleased with all the verses we have all committed to memory this year, even 22 month old Little Brother who also actively participates in our co-op right alongside the "big kids."

We have been spending a good amount of time each day reviewing Scripture memory. Having hand motions for the verses makes it so much fun!

Big Brother has been especially interested in his English lessons this week. He has been learning about homophones, synonyms, and antonyms as well as practicing using both the dictionary and the thesaurus.

He has completed his regular science course for this school year, so right now we are using that time to let him enjoy working on LEGO projects.

We are reading aloud a children's version of The Three Musketeers. While the story is exciting and Big Brother loves all the sword fights, I have not been so thrilled with some of the themes involving adultery. But it has been a springboard for some learning and discussion. Big Brother commented on the chapters we read together earlier today that the characters could have avoided a whole lot of trouble if the Queen of France just had not been cheating on her husband with the Duke of Buckingham in the first place! ;-)

On a lighter note, Little Brother is once again enjoying his weekly Kindermusik classes! He loves to sing, and all the activities, instruments, books, and props are just perfect for his developmental level. The theme for his "Sing & Play" classes this month is Food. So much fun!!

Other than all of this our homeschool this week has involved writing a short report on Louisa May Alcott, making A's on history and spelling tests, learning about the Titanic and other shipwrecks, helping out with chores, learning about the Navy Seals, practicing the 8 times tables, reading about castles, going horseback riding, learning Roman numerals from 1 to 20, and setting new personal records in speed cup stacking!

What's been up in your world this week?

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