Friday, March 18, 2016

Choice Stories for Children

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Today I want to quickly share with you a wonderful book that we are thouroughly enjoying during our daily read aloud time! If you are looking for helpful resources for instilling character qualities in your children, then I highly recommend Choice Stories for Children.

The stories in this book were written in the late 1800's. The writing style is beautiful and the language is rich. Children of today will definitely benefit from hearing this "old fashioned" book read to them!

The stories are short; most of them are just a couple pages long. Big Brother looks forward to me reading one story to him from this book each morning. These would also make great bedtime stories!

These stories promote good Christian character qualities such as honesty, contentment, initiative, generosity, obedience, etc. They are stories about children who face real life situations and decisions.

This book of stories is a great starting point for having very meaningful discussions with your children about character issues and matters of the heart. Sometimes the characters in the stories make poor decisions and must face consequences for their actions. We also get to see the good things that come with making wise choices. Applying the messages in the stories to your child's own life experiences will make this story book a valuable parenting tool.

The stories and morals that are taught are good for any age, including grown ups! This book makes a delightful family read aloud, but it would probably be most enjoyed by children between the ages of 5 and 12.

Choice Stories for Children is a book we will look forward to reading over and over again!

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