Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Resources for Teaching the Books of the Bible

One of Big Brother's goals for this year is to learn all 66 books of the Bible in order.

As a child, I learned the books of the Bible on my own by simply reading the names out of my Bible's table of contents and reciting them over and over. But Big Brother does not learn or retain material very well that way.

So we are using a fun, multisensory approach to learning the books of the Bible! Today I want to share some free resources and activities that have been helpful to us so far!


Songs always make memorizing easier! There are all kinds of songs out there with the books of the Bible. We have been using this one I found on YouTube for learning the books of the Old Testament and their divisions. I love it because the tune is simple and familiar, and I like the way it shows how the books of the Old Teatament are divided into groups.

There are several songs out there also for the New Testament books. Right now we are still finishing up the Old, but I am working on choosing a New Testament song that we can use.


Adding a movement aspect to learning anything always helps the information stick! I found these free printables from ABC Jesus Loves Me that list detailed hand motions for every book of the Bible!

We use these motions as we sing our song, and it definitely helps Big Brother's memory. And it makes reciting the books way more fun and interesting. The motions for each book have something to do with the book itself, so along the way he is actually learning more about each book of the Bible instead of simply memorizing a list.


We use several different games and activities to help him practice the books of the Bible:

* Write each book name on an index card (or on a LEGO brick using a dry erase marker). Have him arrange or stack them in order.

*Using the index cards or LEGO bricks above, have him put books under the correct division. (Example: Isaiah would go under Major Prophets)

*Call off a book title and have him give the hand motion.

*Show him a hand motion and have him give the book title.

* Call off a book and have him tell the books that come immediately before and after it.

Learning the order of the books of the Bible is very important to being able to study the Bible on his own, find particular verses quickly, or follow along in church.

I hope you have found these resources and ideas helpful! Do you have any others you could share? Please leave a comment!!

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