Thursday, September 3, 2015

First Day of Homeschool Co-op 2015

Today was our first day of homeschool co-op for this year! We are blessed with a small group of friends who get together for fun activities and field trips throughout the school year.

We have 1 hour of class activities one afternoon each week. I happen to be leading the activities this semester. We have 7 children involved in the weekly classes right now between the ages of 7 and 10. (We have more families who will just join in for field trips.)

Today's class activities went really well! The children were excited to be together. We have some awesome activities for them this semester!

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For the first 30 minutes of our co-op we are doing Scripture Talk, a Bible memory program on DVD. Over the course of this program, we will be memorizing 10 KJV Scripture passages (79 individual verses!) using fun hand motions and interesting lessons.

I LOVE this program because it really helps students with all learning styles to be able to enjoy memorizing God's Word! We watch and listen to the children and teacher on the screen demonstrate each verse. The words appear on the screen to read along as we practice together. The biggest help is the hand motions that really make the words stick!

This afternoon we began learning Psalm 1. We will be committing the whole chapter to memory. Today we watched as the teacher on the DVD explained how the children can apply Psalm 1 to their lives. I asked a few simple questions just to double check their comprehension of the lesson. Then we began working on the first 2 verses.

We practiced quoting the verses with the motions along with the DVD several times over and over. We practiced on our own slowly several times, too. I was really proud of how quickly the children were able to quote the verses on their own! I had the girls quote the verses and do the movements together, then the boys took a turn. They really had fun with it! The movements kept their attention and gave us a good work out, too. They were all super excited to go home and practice with their families. Who says Bible memory has to be boring? Not me! :)

Click here to see a short trailer about the Scripture Talk program.

You can order your own copy of the DVD from Scripture Talk Ministries or it is also available from Amazon

I highly recommend this program for all ages! (Even my 1 year old has picked up a few words and motions from seeing the DVD!) This program works great as a homeschool co-op class; but it could also be used by individual families, Sunday Schools, VBS, Youth Groups, or Christian schools!

Our second half hour activity is Speed Cup Stacking (also known as Sport Stacking). This is a fun P.E. activity!

We have 2 Speed Stacks sets that we set up for the children to use. I started off by showing them how to do a basic 3 cup stack. Everyone practiced using both hands to upstack and downstack 3 cups quickly. They learned the proper way to handle the cups, basic stacking rules, and how to use the timers.

The simplest official stacking pattern is called the 3-3-3 stack. Three stacks of three cups each must be stacked up and back down as quickly as possible. This afternoon we did 3 rounds during which each child timed him/herself doing the 3-3-3 stack. I must say, we have some pretty fast cup stackers among us!

I made clear that we are stacking for FUN, and that good sportsmanship is expected. Each child's stacking times are written down each round, and their goal is to beat their own best times. It was good to see the children applauding and encouraging one another as they cup stacked today.

Some weeks we may do relay races or other fun games with our speed stacks. This activity is great for building hand-eye coordination, concentration, and so much more.

Never heard of Speed Cup Stacking? Neither had I until I attended an A.C.E. Student Convention with my brother a few years ago. Our family has been hooked ever since!

Check out the World Sport Stacking Association for more information on this interesting sport! Get your own set of Speed Stacks here!

So after a fun, busy afternoon at co-op, we were thoroughly exhausted! I scored some "Super-Mommy" points with the boys by stopping by McDonald's on our way home for supper since Daddy was working late.

Does your family participate in a homeschool co-op and/or support group? What kind of classes or activities do your children enjoy?

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