Friday, July 31, 2015

Our Weekly Wrap-Up 7-31-15

This has been a fun week at our house! The past 2 days have been a little crazy, and we were not able to fit in as many "cowboy" activities. (Life happens, y'all!)

We did one more cowboy themed devotion with Psalm 23 comparing the cowboy caring for the cattle to the loving care of the Lord our Good Shepherd.

Big Brother has spent some unstructured time reading our cowboy library books on his own. He has dressed up and played pretend in his cowboy wardrobe, too.

He ended his Cowboy Camp with his weekly horseback riding lesson this afternoon. He is learning to ride Western style, and his riding skills are excellent! I have to say I think he would make a fine cowboy!! :)

Big Brother is excited about getting to take a little field trip to a veterenarian's office near us tomorrow. He loves animals and has a very compassionate nature, and he has mentioned becoming a vet when he grows up. I hope this will really be a beneficial learning experience for him!

In other news, Little Brother attended his first Kindermusik class this afternoon! He loved it! I taught Kindermusik once upon a time when Big Brother was a toddler, but I am no longer licensed. I was so glad when I found out there was a new studio offering Kindermusik classes for Little Brother's age group in our area at a convenient time! He was happy about seeing other "babies," and the activities were so fun for him! They played drums and jingle bells, rode beach towels around the room, read stories, played with peek-a-boo scarves, and sang some fun songs. I really like that the teacher incorporates ASL into the class activities, too. If you have youngsters from newborn to age 7, I encourage you to see if you have Kindermusik classes in your area! Most teachers let you attend the first class for free to see if you and your child like it before you enroll. Little Brother looks forward to going back next week!

School starts here on Monday! I am totally excited!!!!

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