Saturday, July 25, 2015

Back to School Homeschool Traditions

We are getting steadily closer to the beginning of our new homeschool year! Even though summer is fun and breaks are nice, it will actually be great to be back on a steady school routine.

Many homeschoolers have some sort of special "back to school" tradition to make getting back to work a little more fun and to create special family memories. Some families plan an extra special breakfast or dinner to celebrate the first day of school. Some celebrate the official first day with a fun field trip. Many moms take special "first day of school" pictures of each of their children every year. I just love all these great ways to celebrate a brand new year of learning together!

We started a fun little tradition of our own last year that I look forward to continuing both this year and in years to come!

The week before the official first week of school (which would be this next week!), we choose an interesting theme or topic and spend the week learning about and enjoying that topic (like a really fun unit study).

Last year our theme was LEGO! :) Big Brother did a really neat LEGO unit study and lapbook, and he dearly loved it! We researched the founder of the LEGO company, learned how LEGO bricks are made, did some great LEGO math activities, and of course built some cool stuff with LEGO! He had a different LEGO Challenge each day, new vocabulary words to learn, and for copywork he copied inspiring quotes from famous inventors. We took lots of pictures during the week, and he still talks about all the things he learned.

THIS year we are excited to continue this back to school tradition with a fresh new theme! Since I want this to be really fun and engaging, I asked Big Brother what he would like the theme to be this year. His answer....


So for the next week to celebrate the end of summer break and the beginning of the new school year at our house, we are having Cowboy Camp! I have all kinds of ideas for making this really fun, educational, and memorable for both boys. I am still getting my plans together, and I hope to share with you sometime mid-week about how it is going!

Do you have any special "back to school" traditions at your house? I would love to hear about them! Have any ideas, books, or activities you could recommend for our Cowboy Camp (I have 7 & 1 year old boys)? Please feel free to share in the comments!!

Happy trails!!!

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