Friday, April 24, 2015

Sacrificing Homeschool Freedom on the Altar of Sports (Part 1)

If you missed my introduction to this blog series, click here to read it first!

I have promised with this blog series to address some of the arguments I am hearing surrounding this issue of homeschoolers being allowed to play on public school sports teams. I have already made clear where I stand, but I want to give firm reasons. Many of my answers will be geared mostly toward Christian homeschoolers since we stand to loose the most from this. However, this issue affects all homeschoolers who love their educational freedom! What I have to say may not sit well with many of you, but I am just firm enough in my convictions to not mind ruffling a few feathers!

So for today, here is one of the first arguments you will hear from those who support homeschoolers participating in public school activities:

We pay taxes that support the public school system! Therefore, our children deserve the same right to get to play sports on school teams as the public schoolers!

On the surface, this sounds valid. It sounds like homeschoolers are being treated unfairly. But this is a trap! This argument is very shallow.

For starters, our taxes go to support many things we seriously hope to never have to use (like 911 services).

Christian homeschoolers: Please don’t fall for this trap! This is exactly what the socialists who take your hard earned money want you to do. They want you to feel entitled so they can then slowly (but surely) step into your life more and more. You accept their "services," they tell you what you may or may not do as a homeschooler.

What is more important to you anyway, your money or your children? It would be far better, and wiser, to use the freedom and rights that we already have to work to correct this situation by reducing or eliminating those taxes. I have been known to complain more than once about how much of my husband's paycheck goes to support a school system we do not want or use! Maybe we should stop complaining and do something about that! But until then, let Caesar have his money, and let us keep our children and dedicate them to God! Matthew 22:21b “…Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.”

I have _so_ much more to say in posts to come on this issue! I am choosing to do this as a series rather than one big post in hopes that this will get folks' attention and they will consider each point carefully and prayerfully! In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts. While I welcome comments, please know this issue is settled for me. You will not change my mind or silence my voice by leaving a negative comment!

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