Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sacrificing Homeschool Freedom on the Altar of Sports Blog Series

Imagine this ridiculous scenario with me:

The Israelites have been enslaved in Egypt for over 400 years. With their blood, sweat, and tears they have been forced to build great cities for the wicked king. They have been beaten and abused. Their babies lives have been taken. They live in horrible conditions. For generations now they have cried out for deliverance. They long for freedom to live in a land of their own, to worship their own God, and to give their children a better life than what Egypt has to offer them.

Finally, God sends their deliverer! Through one amazing miracle after another, He sets them FREE! FREE from Egypt, it's king, it's taskmasters, and it's bondage! Then, when that freedom is tested, He opens up the waters of the Red Sea for them. They can cross and leave Egypt and it's slavery behind forever. FREEDOM is close enough to taste! But then...

The Israelites stop and say, "Wait just a minute!! We worked hard to build those cities back in Egypt! We demand our right to send our children back there to visit those cities, learn the Egyptian ways, and play with all the Egyptian children and their cool toys!"

"WHAT?!" you say, "NO! Cross the the Red Sea! Cut all ties! RUN AWAY TO FREEDOM! The toys are NOT WORTH IT!! GO while you can! Send your children back to Egypt, and they will be enslaved all over again! Just GO!"

Of course to anyone this seems so ridiculous! And yet...

This is no different than what is truly happening with this whole issue of homeschoolers fighting to participate in public school sports programs. For years homeschoolers all over the United States have fought for their right to remove their children from the public schools and teach them at home according to their own consciences. Many, MANY sacrifices have been made along the way! God has opened many doors for us, He has answered the prayers of the brave souls who have gone before to pave the way, and now homeschooling is legal in all 50 states! (With some states of course being more free than others.)

And now what do we have? A generation of people who are willing to take that hard earned freedom: my freedom, your freedom, and our children's freedom...

And sacrifice it on the altar of SPORTS!!!

Something we have all wanted, freedom to teach our children and train them up in the way they should go...could be seriously undermined all for the sake of GAMES!!!

I KNOW this is going to be a controversial blog series!

But the things I have to say DESPERATELY need to be said...LOUDLY! With all the "Tim Tebow bills" being introduced in many states, and all the claims and arguments being made, I want to face it head on and put out there exactly WHY I will NOT be supporting this fight! (And why our homeschool group actually worked to defeat a dangerous "Tim Tebow bill" that was introduced in KY earlier this year!)

In this blog series, I plan to tackle all the arguments I am hearing on this issue. I trust you will join me!!! In the meantime, here is an outstanding article written several years ago that I found as I was preparing for this series. It is titled Why the Question of Homeschoolers' Playing Public School Sports Affects All Homeschoolers

Are slam dunks so dear or touch downs so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it Almighty God! I know not what course other's may take, but as for me...Give me liberty or give me death! (With my apologies to Patrick Henry!)

I welcome comments! You are entitled to your opinions, but please know that this is one issue that is firmly settled in my mind. You will not be changing my mind or silencing my voice by leaving a negative comment! Are you also concerned about losing homeschooling freedoms because a few families think their children must play public school sports? I want to hear from you! And please stay tuned as we talk about this further in posts yet to come!!

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