Thursday, March 22, 2018

Welcome Baby Sister!

Our family has welcomed a sweet new addition since my last blog post!

After a complicated pregnancy and 36 hours of induced labor, we were so happy to finally meet Baby Sister nearly 6 weeks ago now!

She was my smallest baby, weighing about 2 ounces less than her brothers and measuring a quarter of an inch shorter than Little Brother's length at birth.

Her brothers are absolutely in LOVE with her! It has truly blessed my heart beyond words to see their beautiful sibling relationships blooming!

We had worried that Little Brother (turning 4 soon) might not be thrilled about becoming the middle child, but he has welcomed his "sissy" with SO much excitement and love!

Big Brother (turning 10 soon!) is an old hat on younger siblings now, and he is extremely proud and protective of his "little princess." He is such a great big boy now, and watching him gently rock Baby Sister is so sweet.

The newborn stage seems like it has flown by so quickly. And I honestly think this has been the easiest one yet. Or perhaps we just knew better what exactly to expect and have just rolled with it more smoothly!

She really is a good baby. She has nursed like a champ since birth, and she actually sleeps very well so far. She looks liker her daddy, and that is just fine with me!

As for me, my physical recovery from delivery has been slow. So many friends and family have helped us out with meals and prayers. I am finally back up and about on my own now, but I am still dealing with some pretty bad SPD pain. I will soon be starting physical therapy to hopefully help deal with that. But having a little girl of my own to snuggle is well worth everything, no question!!

And so, now my husband and I are officially outnumbered by our children! But we could not be happier with each one of them. We praise the Lord for the blessing of a new baby in our home, and we look forward to the brand new adventures raising a daughter will bring!

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