Tuesday, May 10, 2016

LEGO Spelling Practice

Later this week, Big Brother will take his final spelling test of this school year. As you may remember, we have used Rod & Staff 3rd Grade Spelling curriculum this year. He completed his textbook last week, so this week he will be taking a final review test that will include words he has studied throughout the year.

To help him get ready for this final test (and to have some fun), I came up with this simple LEGO themed spelling game!

For this simple game we used:

- 25 LEGO bricks (the number of words on his spelling list this week)
- 1 sheet of red paper
- 1 sheet of green paper
- a dry erase board & marker

Last night I prepared for this activity by writing one spelling word on each LEGO brick using the dry erase marker (don't worry, it comes off easily!). I intentionally misspelled several of the words.

This morning I introduced the activity to Big Brother. Of course anything involving LEGOs really gets his attention!

I would pick up a LEGO brick and say the spelling word written on it out loud to him. Then I would hand him the brick, and he would first have to look at the word and decide whether or not it was spelled correctly.

If the word was misspelled, he placed the LEGO brick on the red paper. If he decided the word was spelled correctly, he placed it on the green paper. Then he wrote the word correctly on the dry erase board.

We continued in this way until we had gone through the entire pile of LEGO bricks and he had correctly written each spelling word on the board.

Big Brother was able to stay focussed throughout this activity, and it was just a neat way to sneak in some spelling practice.

I love using LEGOs as manipulatives in our homeschool because they can be used in so many different ways! We have found ways to incorporate LEGO play into pretty much every academic subject, and it really makes learning more fun!

Do you have any fun, hands-on spelling activities you would like to share? Or do you have other fun ways to incorporate LEGOs into your studies? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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