Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Learning Wrap-Ups in Our Homeschool

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Big Brother is working hard at learning his multiplication tables in math this year. He is doing very well with the 3rd grade Rod & Staff curriculum we use, but I know he needs plenty of practice to make sure he really knows his facts.

So he has been using a set of Multiplication Learning Wrap-Ups for some independent extra math practice. I had no idea he would enjoy using them quite so much! (When was the last time you had to tell your 7 year old it was time to please stop practicing his multiplication tables??)

Learning Wrap-Ups are pretty simple to use. The child starts at the top of the plastic key works his way down wrapping the string around to point to correct answers. Then he can simply unwind the string and do it again!

There are several different kinds of Learning Wrap-Ups available covering various subjects. I would love to get Big Brother more sets soon. (They would be perfect stocking stuffers!)

I love manipulatives like this that make learning a fun, multi-sensory experience! Learning Wrap-Ups appeal to all types of learners. Kinesthetic learners will appreciate being able to physically wrap the string around to point to the correct answers. Visual learners will like being able to see the string matching answers to the facts. Auditory learners will want to say the facts out loud as they wrap the string around the key.

Learning Wrap-Ups can easily be used independently by the student since they are self-checking. All Big Brother has to do is turn the Learning Wrap-Up over and immediately he can see if he matched the answers correctly.

They are great for putting into Big Brother's workboxes. If I need to tend to Little Brother or some household chore, I can give him Learning Wrap-Ups to work on until I get back. So handy!! They are also great for travel.

You can click here to find many sets of Learning Wrap-Ups that are available! Do you use these in your homeschool? I would love to hear about it!


  1. We have several little people still learning their tables, and I had never heard of wrap ups, so thank you for sharing this :-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Gwen! My little guy has found these extremely helpful! :)


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