Saturday, October 3, 2015

32 Chore Ideas for a 7 Year Old

We are implementing a new chore system for Big Brother. Giving my 7 year old son chores to do is a win-win situation for everyone. He is learning important life skills and responsibility while I get some much appreciated help around our home.

Big Brother has responded extremely well to the motivational system I came up with for his school work. By doing all his homeschool assignments in a timely manner and completing his regular laundry job, he can earn an hour of screen time for any school day. Getting to watch DVDs is a big deal for him, so he is willing to work to earn that time.

However, he has been a little unhappy some days because he really wanted to be able to finish watching a show or movie that lasted longer than one hour. And he also had no way of earning his screentime on the weekends. So I decided I was more than willing to let him earn some more screen time! Introducing: our new chore system! ;)

On our refrigerator is a list of 32 chores that he can choose from to do in addition to his regular laundry job. Completing any one of these chores earns him 5 minutes of screen time.

Note that these are all things he is capable of doing either on his own or with a little instruction from me or Daddy. He does not actually have to do any of these chores. These are just extras he can do to help out and earn more screen time. He is free to choose to do as many or as few of these chores as he wishes in a day.

So here is the chore list he can choose from:

1. Sweep the kitchen
2. Clean the kitchen floor
3. Wipe off the table
4. Clean the countertops
5. Wash dishes
6. Put away dishes
7. Clean cabinet doors
8. Clean windows
9. Pick up the living room
10. Dust the living room
11. Vacuum the living room
12. Make his bed
13. Pick up in his bedroom
14. Vacuum his bedroom
15. Clean all doors
16. Clean all light switches
17. Clean all door knobs
18. Sweep the bathroom
19. Clean the bathroom floor
20. Clean the bathroom sink
21. Clean the bathroom mirror
22. Clean the toilet
23. Spray the tub
24. Pick up dirty laundry around the house and sort it out into baskets
25. Fold a load of clean laundry
26. Clean the baseboards
27. Throw away old food and leftovers in the fridge
28. Clean trash out of the van
29. Clean trash out of the car
30. Sweep the entryway
31. Vacuum the hallway
32. Vacuum Mom & Dad's room

Today was the first day of trying this new system. It is a Saturday. He willingly and eagerly completed 18 of these chores and earned 90 minutes of screen time for this evening!! Happy boy & happy Mom!!!!

What kind of system do you use for chores in your family? Do your children earn money or special priveleges by helping out around the house? What kind of chores do you have them do? Leave me a comment!!

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