Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Science "Go Fish" Game

Yesterday I posted about the Memory Match Games I had made to use for reviewing material Big Brother is learning in science and history.

Well this afternoon, I had planned for us to play the Memory Match game with our science cards. But then Big Brother had a really neat idea!

We can use these same cards to play "Go Fish!" :)

To start I mixed the cards and dealt 5 cards to each of us. The remaining cards were placed in the center of the table face down for a draw pile.

Then we took turns asking the other player if he/she had a match for a particular card in our hand.

For example, if Big Brother had the card that said "the process by which plants make food," he might ask me, "Do you have 'photosynthesis?'" If I had the card he requested, I had to give it to him and he got to lay down the matching pair and ask for another card. If I did not have the card he wanted, I would say "Go Fish!" Then he would draw one card from the draw pile and his turn would be over.

The player with the most matched pairs at the end of the game (when someone runs out of cards in their hand or the draw pile is emptied) is the winner!

These games have been a great, painless way for us to review important information. Apparently they are working, too! Big Brother had quizzes in both his ABeka history and ABeka science classes today, and he scored 100% on both! :)

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