Monday, March 21, 2016

Learning About Recycling!

Since joining our county 4-H club and getting involved in a club recycling project, Big Brother has developed an interest in recycling.

Since he has completed his ABeka science course for the year, we are spending that extra time this week to learn more about recycling!

His next Cloverbuds meeting is coming up next week, and he has been very busy since his last meeting collecting plastic lids for recycling into a park bench for our county's 4-H butterfly garden. He has also had several of our friends and family members involved in collecting lids for this project.

So far just at our house, we have almost filled up a recycled gallon milk jug with small plastic lids!

Big Brother is very interested now in finding more ways for our family to reduce waste and re-use or recycle more things. We are talking about ways we can be better stewards of the beautiful creation God has made for us.

We found some good books about recycling and are spending time this week reading them. I wanted to share them here in case others may be looking for resources on this topic!

Books Big Brother is reading about recycling:

Why Should I Recycle?


How Recycling Works

The Three R's: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle


Trash and Recycling

He is eager to find out more about recycling, and I am excited to find out what new recycling projects he comes up with this week!

Once again, homeschooling is offering us the opportunity to tailor Big Brother's education to suit his unique interests!!

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